Conversation at the State House

Jacq: “ Mama, I changed my mind. I want to be a pumpkin for Halloween.”
Kiefer: “Yeah. And I want to be a bird that flies… and poops on pumpkins.”

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Help Aisy’s Family!

Update: Aisy passed away yesterday, Sunday August 29th, at 8:05 am. My understanding is that it was a peaceful passing.

Four year old Aisy will be going to heaven soon. Her father and I were friends in high school, and she has neuroblastoma. Treatment has been stopped and hospice is helping make her comfortable. Please help her family with their medical bills.

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Welcome to Normal

Transitioning to first grade has gone way better than we ever would have anticipated for Jacquelyn. The last few months of therapy have made all the difference in the world. In another first, she has been able to jump down from the trampoline instead of using the step ladder. She was so proud of herself. She said, “I jumped down mom. That’s the second time I’ve done that. I’m doing that now.” She has lacked the body awareness to do much jumping down and even some climbing – she always felt she was falling. Jacquelyn played with a friend yesterday, and her mother told me they were running around together blowing whistles. What the huh? Running? Whistles? It’s a Christmas Miracle… except that it really isn’t. It’s taken years of reading and research to figure out what was wrong and then lots of therapy and time to make a difference. (For a list of Jacq’s interventions click here.) Jacq sees and feels the results for herself and is working hard to accomplish everything we set out for her to do. She has actually been hyper a couple of times… enough for me to have to say CALM DOWN. Then I thought what am I saying? Be crazy! Be loud! Run around! This is what “normal” children do. Welcome to normal! She is humming a lot lately, but that’s the only self-regulation I see – no more ear holding, no more withdrawing, no pacing, no more tear filled eyes, and no more ear plugs even at school! She is more joyful now, more energetic, more talkative and is carrying a much lighter burden – she is just less stressed. Good-bye sensory processing disorder with Asperger’s tendencies. It was nice educational knowing you.

(A special thank you to the Diane who wrote Meghan’s World and Hartley who wrote This Is Gabriel Making Sense of School – their books and their advice have helped me help Jacquelyn.)

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Conversations with Kiefer

Kiefer: Momma, may I go commando?

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Conversations with Kiefer

Kiefer, yelling from the stairs: Mom, I sucked up my crying!

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Sensory Processing Disorder

Jacquelyn had a cereal bar! I know that doesn’t seem very exciting, but for Jacquelyn it’s a big deal to try anything new. Cereal bars are just one of those things that she wouldn’t put in her mouth. Her brother picked out a box of “new” cereal bars at the grocery store and it was HER idea to try it out! And she liked it! I like to think all these therapies and exercises we are doing are helping her be less sensory defensive and more open to new experiences. She also tried honey mustard sauce the other day. She immediately gave it a thumbs down, but at least she tried it. Hoping all these changes and new experiences will help her transition to first grade!

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Deep Thoughts By Jacq State

Jacq: I stayed on the sidewalk so I would be safe.
Me: Thank you. That was a smart thing to do.
Jacq: Yeah, I’m smart. I thought that one through.

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Overheard At The Pool Today…

Jacquelyn’s sensory processing disorder makes swimming really difficult for her. It’s not because she isn’t coordinated, it’s because she can’t stand the feel of water on her face or the movement and yelling of all the other children. Jacquelyn was very proud of herself today for “jumping” off the steps alone with floaties on. Then this happened…

Random little girl: I bet you can’t do this!
Jacq, watching intently: Yes. That’s something I can’t do.
Random little girl: Can you do this?
Jacq: I can’t do a lot of swim things.

After having a conversation about kindergarten with a random lady at the pool, she tells her five year old daughter that Jacquelyn just finished kindergarten and loved it! Then this happened…

Little girl: How old is she?
Her mom: Six.
Little girl, right in front of Jacq: But she’s so small.

Many times loving Jacquelyn breaks my heart.

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Conversations with Kiefer

Kiefer: I da cutest boy eba!


Me: You’ll always be my baby. You’re my little guy!
Kiefer: Yeah. I not want to go to jail.

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Conversation at the State House

Kiefer, crying: Jack-a-wan call my feet stupid!
Jacquelyn: I did not. I did not. I said get your wonderful feet off me. That’s what I said. For real.
Me: You are lying. Both of you get upstairs.

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