The Post Office

We were asking Jacquelyn tonight if anyone got in trouble in her kindergarten class.  If you get a warning twice your behavior stick is moved from green to yellow.  Red means your parents get a note or a call and orange means you are referred to the principal.  Jacq told us tonight that orange was the “worstest” and if you get orange, you go to the Post Office.

Jacq ready for school

Jacq ready for school

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2 Responses to The Post Office

  1. Heather Cornwell says:

    Hey Jen! Lily starts Kindergarten tomorrow and she told us at dinner tonight that she was nervous. She said “Mom, do you think they’ll have tissues at Kindergarten?”. It’s so funny what they worry about!

    • jenstate says:

      Awww. That’s sweet. They do worry about the funniest things. If you ask Kiefer what he did at “school” today, he says he cried. And he cleaned up 🙂

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