Days Like Today… and Yesterday

Ever wondered how you got yourself into something? Something you didn’t expect? Yeah. That’s what parenting is to me every day. How did it get so crazy? My first had sensory integration problems, which is something that I did not know for a long time. I now understand what her problems were and can look back at her infancy and know where she was coming from. What the screams meant, why they wouldn’t stop, why SHE wouldn’t stop. It all makes sense to me now, years later than I actually could have used the knowledge. They are behind her , these issues. It’s like someone flipped the switch in her brain, and it works correctly now giving her (and me) a much needed break from her first four years. It’s amazing. Of course, I believe all my work had something to do with it, too…the hours of research coupled with trying this and that technique. Part of it was the birth of her brother. He came in like a lion and has stayed that way. She was forced to take on her biggest enemy… NOISE. Whatever it was, it’s finished now, and here we are. She behaves normally, she responds normally. She looks and acts a lot like me.

I meant for this post to go in the totally different direction, but this is where it ended up. So here it is. Her normalcy, and my toddler’s unending tantrums, have made the last two days quite overwhelming.

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One Response to Days Like Today… and Yesterday

  1. charles philbeck says:

    I will pray for my Jen-Jen whom I love dearly.

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