I’ll try to start blogging more. Between working and fall colds/bronchitis and allergies, it’s been a busy time. It’s worth mentioning that I am trying a new therapy for my allergies called BAX 3000. It’s an alternative therapy, and a friend of mine works for the company that created the technology. Got the opportunity to give it a try. So far I’ve only had one treatment, but I’ll let everyone know how it works for me. If you want to read about it, go to http://www.biovedawellness.com. It’s very interesting and different than other therapies.

Tomorrow is field trip day for Jacq’s class. I’m chaperoning, which ought to be interesting considering I don’t love groups of kids. I’m sure it will make Jacq happy, so off I go.

Kiefer’s throat is swelling again… definitely going to keep an eye on that. Hopefully no emergencies coming our way. I’m making sure he gets his medicine and listening to him on the monitor. That’s about all I can do. On a related note, check out this website if you have a kid with food allergies… http://shop.allergyapparel.com/. Cool stuff for kids who can’t have certain foods.

Sorry for the lame post. More soon.

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