Thank You, I’ll Be Here All Week

Last night Shawn told me to come look at the couch. When I did, there were no less than 25 trains lined up side by side, touching, their little faces all looking forward as if they were getting ready to watch American Idol. “Look,” Shawn said, “Kiefer lined up his trains.”

I have to stop right here and tell you that Kiefer has never lined up anything in his life. He prefers chaos to order and noise to silence. He likes to dump out his toys, then stand on them while he dumps out more. God forbid he use the toys for their intended purpose.

So I looked at those trains and said, “Jacquelyn must have done that.” She hasn’t lined up toys in a while, but it used to be an obsession. For two years, she put groups of anything in a line and then stood beside those things counting as she walked by them. She would mumble to herself about the way she wanted things to be or what she didn’t like about a situation. Obviously, we called her rain man. What else can you do in a situation like that?

Jacquelyn confirmed that indeed she had lined up the trains in perfect order. When her dad asked her why she had done it, she replied, “I wanted an audience.”

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