Monday Kiefer woke up with a tight throat for the one millionth time.  After a breathing treatment and medication, I decided he was well enough to go to preschool.  I kept in close contact with the school and sent his epi pen as a  precaution.  When I got a call from the director telling me he had fallen and cut his chin, I realized my day wasn’t going to go in the direction I thought it would.  She asked me to come take a look at him immediately.  He indeed had a cut on his chin with, well, how do I say this?  His insides were coming out of the small cut!  After hours in the ER, he was put in a straight jacket and sewn up…. not our first time going through this.  After much screaming and a little sewing, the nurse gave him a Popsicle, a rare treat as we try to avoid artificial colors with him since he is so hyper.  When I got him in his car seat, popsicle in hand, he said (in his broken english), “I had fun today at the special doctor.  I got popsicle.”*

*Broken english version: “I hab sun today at da spesha docta.  I get popsinal.”

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