Tow Mater and One Happy Little Boy!

As we were passing many junk yards on our way to my brother’s house, I told the kids to look for Tow Mater from Disney’s Cars movie. They were getting antsy and hungry, so I thought a little game might keep them busy. As we passed about the fifth junk yard, I told them Tow Mater must have been out working so maybe we would find him another time. And then… there he was! Sitting in some trees and brush was an old model rusted brown and orange truck that had been turned into a tow truck. It even had a light on top. “There’s Tow Mater!” I shouted, “I just saw him!” Shawn wanted to know if I was serious. When I told him I was, he turned the car around so we could get a better look. After rolling Kiefer’s window down and pulling up along side the truck, Kiefer’s little voice said “Hi, Tow Mater.” It was the sweetest thing. When the kids wanted to know if he had eyes and would talk to us, I told them he only talks to other cars and keeps it a secret around people. They bought that explanation, as kids will do. If you want to go see for yourself, the “real” Tow Mater is living on Highway 55 traveling towards Clover, SC from Kings Mountain, NC. He will be on the right side of the road several miles before you get to downtown Clover.

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