Kiefer… Being Nice!

Kiefer is a sweet boy but when food or treats are involved, all bets are off. He shoves his mouth full and wants more, more, more as fast as he can get it. So imagine my surprise when he thought of Jacquelyn a couple of days ago.

We stopped by my hairdresser’s to make an appointment. They had a treat basket, so he grabbed a sucker. Once he got it in his mouth, he said, “Jacq need one, Jacq need one!” He carefully chose a green sucker and gave it to me to hold for her. I figured he would ask to eat it himself before we were even home. Not once, though, did he ask for it so I assumed he forgot about the extra sucker.

Several hours later when Jacquelyn got home from school, he ran to me and asked for the sucker. He personally gave it to her after taking the wrapper off, then reached out to hug her. Seriously people, if that doesn’t make you say “Awwww”, I don’t know what will!

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One Response to Kiefer… Being Nice!

  1. Kim says:

    awww, don’t you just love it when the kids get along. Reminds me alot of my kids. A majority of the time they get along and are very caring of each other.

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