Deep Thoughts By Jacq State

Jacq: I like 15 minutes but not 10 minutes. Isn’t that weird?
Me: I thought your favorite number was 10.
Jacq, starting to cry: My favorite number is 10… and 20.
Me: Why is it 10 and 20?
Jacq: I don’t know.
Me: Is it because of the zeros? It’s ok. You can like whatever you want to.
Jacq: Yes, because of the zeros. But I don’t like 100. It’s too long.
Me: So 100 is too big a number, you like 15 minutes better than 10 minutes, and 10 and 20 are your favorite numbers?
Jacq: Yes.

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One Response to Deep Thoughts By Jacq State

  1. I LOVE THIS! What a doll, seriously, how could you not just love that kid? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the comment on my blog,

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