Overheard At The Pool Today…

Jacquelyn’s sensory processing disorder makes swimming really difficult for her. It’s not because she isn’t coordinated, it’s because she can’t stand the feel of water on her face or the movement and yelling of all the other children. Jacquelyn was very proud of herself today for “jumping” off the steps alone with floaties on. Then this happened…

Random little girl: I bet you can’t do this!
Jacq, watching intently: Yes. That’s something I can’t do.
Random little girl: Can you do this?
Jacq: I can’t do a lot of swim things.

After having a conversation about kindergarten with a random lady at the pool, she tells her five year old daughter that Jacquelyn just finished kindergarten and loved it! Then this happened…

Little girl: How old is she?
Her mom: Six.
Little girl, right in front of Jacq: But she’s so small.

Many times loving Jacquelyn breaks my heart.

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Conversations with Kiefer

Kiefer: I da cutest boy eba!


Me: You’ll always be my baby. You’re my little guy!
Kiefer: Yeah. I not want to go to jail.

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Conversation at the State House

Kiefer, crying: Jack-a-wan call my feet stupid!
Jacquelyn: I did not. I did not. I said get your wonderful feet off me. That’s what I said. For real.
Me: You are lying. Both of you get upstairs.

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So Many Therapies, So Little Time

So we have started occupational therapy for Jacquelyn and wow! There is so much to do at home… exercises, heavy work, crashing, jumping jacks, rhythmic movement techniques, etc. And we start Berard AIT tomorrow so this is going to get interesting pretty quick. Dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder is a lot of work, but if it gives Jacq some peace and helps her feel more comfortable at school, it will all be worth it!

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Conversations with Kiefer

Me: I don’t know why you are naked.
Kiefer: My dad said I can drive naked.


Kiefer, on the way to go fishing: I am all jacked up!


Me: I’m so proud of you! You are such a big boy!
Kiefer: Yeah, I a big boy. Mama, you please hold me like a baby?

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Looking For Answers to Questions that Bother Her So…

Jacquelyn has a super power. We’ve known this since she was about six weeks old, but we have proof now. Her audiogram shows that her left ear hears at a negative decibel in almost all frequencies, meaning she can hear below a typical person’s silence level. This isn’t news to us, but it’s nice to see it on paper. She knows she hears like Superman and is ready for it to stop. We’re going to try something called AIT… there’s really no science to prove it works and at this point, we don’t really care. It’s worth a shot, and we want to give her some peace. Cross your fingers…

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New Babyminding Post!

Please check out my new post at babyminding.com about breaking your family’s sugar habit!

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