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Sensory Processing Disorder

Jacquelyn had a cereal bar! I know that doesn’t seem very exciting, but for Jacquelyn it’s a big deal to try anything new. Cereal bars are just one of those things that she wouldn’t put in her mouth. Her brother … Continue reading

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Overheard At The Pool Today…

Jacquelyn’s sensory processing disorder makes swimming really difficult for her. It’s not because she isn’t coordinated, it’s because she can’t stand the feel of water on her face or the movement and yelling of all the other children. Jacquelyn was … Continue reading

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Sensory Processing Disorder

Me, asking Jacq about one of Kiefer’s toys that she can’t tolerate: How does the noise make you feel? Jacq: I don’t know. Me, as I tense up and ball up my fists: Does it make you feel like this? … Continue reading

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